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Non Stop Running Belt

Non Stop Running Belt

SKU: 364215376135199

The ultimate Canicross belt!

Over a number of months and over many races by the some of the best canicrossers in Europe, here we have the new non-stop dogwear running belt. Not only the mechanics of this belt but also the detail of the finish were thrashed out on our visit to Germany by all involved with non-stop dogwear to make this belt the best race belt on the market. 

The belt itself has been designed to have the pulling points so that your pelvis is positioned to give the most effective running gait without the stress going through your back. 

This belt is designed to help reduce the effect of your dogs power going straight to your back and having the most effective points of pull for performance. 

Firstly the legs go into the leg loops which are used only for stability of the belt so you shouldn't experiance any rubbing. There is then a waist strap which clips on and again only for stability so this will not put forces through your lower back. The most important part of this belt is the second strap and this sits around the gluts (backside) keeping the pelvis tilted correctly and ensuring all the power comes from this point when the dog is pulling hard. 

The most important muscle in the body when driving forward in a running race is your Glutes. Not only does this make you more efficient it cuts down the stresses going through your quads and lower back cutting the risk of injury. This belt helps position your pelvis to promote this when the dog is pulling in races. And ultimately making you faster! 

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