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Doberman Power Button

Doberman Power Button

£14.99 Regular Price
£12.99Sale Price

Dobermans Power Button SE-0303 needs just one hit to alert others to your distressful situation. It is lightweight, stylish and fitted with an adjustable Doberman strap. The Power Button is designed for physical activity. 

Take Doberman for a walk and never look back. 

  • One hit emergency alarm 
  • Bright, flashing lights can be seen more than 1 mile away 
  • Comfortable to wear with the adjustable elastic bands 
  • Stylish, lightweight design, popular with sports people 
  • Loud 100 decibel alarm 
  • Water resistant 


Please note we are experiencing a few issues with the batteries in their journey through Royal Mail and it appears they will not guarantee the safe delivery of products with batteries enclosed, hence the reduced price of the product.

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