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ENGO Blister Prevention Patches - 2 pack

ENGO Blister Prevention Patches - 2 pack


Pack includes 2 Large Oval Patches


Engo Blister prevention Patches are different from the existing blister care products. 

- rather than treating blisters when you have got them ENGO prevents them from forming in the first place. 
- you apply them to the footwear or the insole rather than to the skin 
- because of the resilient material they are made with and the pressure sensitive adhesive used, each patch lasts up to 300 miles or six weeks depending on usage 

Blisters are caused by friction. ENGO patches work by dramatically reducing the friction between footwear and feet. 

They will even prevent a hot spot turning into a blister, so you can take a pack out with you when training and apply when required, secure in the knowledge that your hot spot won't develop into a blister. 

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