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Heat in a Click Hand Warmers

Heat in a Click Hand Warmers


Reusable Heat in a Click Hand Warmers

“Just click and use again and again...”
HEAT IN A CLICK Is an instant, portable and
Reusable heating pad. At a click of a button, the
Pad will reach 54°C (130°F). The pads contain a
Non-toxic salt based solution called Sodium
Acetate in a sealed plastic bag.

When the metal disc is flexed it kick starts a chain reaction of rapid crystallisation of the salt which create a high temperature in seconds this is what we call an “exothermic reaction”.

To activate: gently flex the metal disc that floats in the salt solution, you should see the salt crystals forming quickly and the pad changes colour and heats up.
After a period of time (from 30 minutes to 2 hours) the pad will become solid and cold.
To recharge: when you have the time – place a cloth on a bottom of a pan and fill it with tap water. Place the pan on the stove and bring the water to boiling. Place the pad in the pan until the pad is completely liquefied, make sure that there are no crystals in the pad (even one crystal will cause the pad to recrystallizes) and store it until the next use.

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