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Holey Soles

Holey Soles


Holey Soles Footwear

Open design - Air, sand and water move easily through the clog for water sports, camping and other activities.

Also resistant to ultraviolet light, industrial chemicals and rough objects.

Weight : At less than 150 grams (size medium) these incredibly light shoes are ideal for everyday activiities, from walking to hiking, the gym or just lounging

Footbed : Massaging design to stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue. The strong heel cup support minimises foot strain

Tread : The non-slip tread is perfect for wet or polished surfaces

Tarsal bar : Spreads the ball of the foot and keeps toes positioned for comfort

- slimmer fit
- better positioning holes
- more holes for greater ventilation
- robust EVA resin and rubber compound
- extraordinary comfort and support for all day wear
- super lightweight, durable shock absorbing foam
- bacteria and odour resistant
- massaging footbed promotes circulation and helps reduce foot swelling
- waterproof and quick drying, no fabric straps
- cool in summer , warm in winter
- low maintenance and easy care
- vibrant colours

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