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Kura Protective Boots for Dogs

Kura Protective Boots for Dogs

SKU: FinNero

KURA Rain Booties

yellow, 2 pcs /pack

Brilliant NEW design for dog booties! KURA booties are made of water resistant and flexible material. Bottom material of the bootie is developed and made in Finland by Jokasafe (see below for more information). The material is flexible and protects the paws from extreme conditions; hot or cold pavement and sharp objects.

These booties are easy to put on as they open up all the way down and double velcro fastening keeps the bootie on firmly. 

  • bottom material protects the paws from extreme conditions
  • water resistant 
  • keeps a wounded paw protected and prevents any bacterial infections
  • small loop to make it easier to hang the booties to dry 
  • long stem helps to keep the bootie on firmly
  • easy to put on as opens up all the way down



JokaSafe - Finnish quality, comfort and durability

JokaSafe material has been made in Finland since 1960. It was designed for demanding professional use. In JokaSafe production they use only high quality European PVC material and 100% cotton. JokaSafe customers value specially that their products combine protection from chemicals, chemical mixtures and mechanical abrasion, as well as protect from extreme conditions.

JokaSafe has worked hard for the last few years on improving and developing their production and management procedures. One such proof of this ongoing process of development, is ISO certificate received in year 2013 from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. 

please note that the size table is under maintenance!!! Sorry for the inconvenience.

SizeA=  width of 
the bottom
B=  lenght of 
the bottom
(from the ancle)
Breed recommendation 
XS4,5 cm 
(1.7 in)
7,5 cm
(2.9 in)
10 cm 
(3.9 in)
Bison Frisé, Miniature Boodle, 
Dachshund, Pug
S5 cm 
(1.9 in)
9 cm 
(3.5 in)
13 cm
(5.1 in)
Beagle, Cocker spaniel, 
French bulldog
M6 cm 
(2.3 in)
10 cm 
(3.9 in)
15 cm
(5.9 in)
Border Collie, Boxer, Corgi, 
L7 cm 
(2.7 in)
10,5 cm
(4.1 in)
17 cm
(6.6 in)
Bulldog, Doberman, 
German Shepherd
XL9,5 cm 
(3.7 in)
13,5 cm
(5.3 in)
19 cm
(7.4 in)
Bullmastiff, Rottweiler, 
Saint Bernard
Colour: Neon yellow with black
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