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Newline CoolMax Compression Socks

Newline CoolMax Compression Socks


Newline CoolMax Compression Socks - black

1. Split Bone area 

Compression socks stabilize and improve blood circulation and pressure in legs during and after sport - The powerful CrossLastic zone on split bone area increases the recirculation of venous blood to your heart and reduces your pulse rate. It increases force, power and injury recovery and sporting exertion. 

2. Stabilizers 

Reinforced chanels for stabilizing ankle and toe area. 

3. Mid Sole anatomy 

Elastic yarns build in anatomically shaped midsole area combined with CoolMax yarn - knitted as airflow channels - secure optimal fit, comfort and temperature regulation. 

4. Right and left foot 

Right and left foot shaped for optimal fit and stability 

5. Heel and toe 

Heel and toe protector to absorb pressure and protect.


Sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46, 47-50 


Fabrics: 40% nylon, 40% Lycra, 20% spandex 

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