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Scarab Uno

Scarab Uno


Scarab UNO-Rechargeable “RED” LED Technology for your dog.


The Scarab UNO is a  Rechargeable Safety Light for your dog


The UNO offers you superb value, rechargeable with fully adjustable power and built in our durable housing, the Uno fits straight on a 25mm dog collar or harness.

The lightweight & versatile Uno gives you 4 RED light modes:

  • Standard Flash-Fully Adjustable Power: High to Low Level 3km-300m
  • 3 Pre-Fixed “walking” modes:

            – Long Flash

            – Dot-Dot

            – Dot-Dash

Scarab Uno is supplied with accessories:

  • Universal-strap putting it on any width of collar or harness
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare O-ring

Boost your safety when walking or running with your dog with Scarab rechargeable technology

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