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Silva Trail Runner Plus Head Torch

Silva Trail Runner Plus Head Torch


Silva Trail Runner PLUS headlamp : The ultra light Silva Trail Runner Plus headlamp allows you to exercise anywhere, at any time. The ergonomic headset with an extra wide, anti-slip elastic band remains comfortably in place when running on bumpy ground. Silva Trail Runner Plus features Silva Intelligent Light® technology comprising both a strong light for distance, and the floodlight necessary for close-up vision. 

It uses four AA batteries carried in a separate battery compartment; combined with the minimal lamp weight this makes it perfect for training. The battery compartment can be carried on your waist or in a pocket making the head unit light and easy to wear. Keeping the battery compartment warm inside a pocket will help the batteries last longer in cold conditions. 

NOTE : the big difference in WEIGHT between this and the other Trail Runner is that this one has a SEPARATE battery compartment, normally worn around waist. The actual LIGHT unit is the same. The basic Trail Runner has the battery on the head band. 

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