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Silverpoint Pace Performance & Pace Formance Low Socks

Silverpoint Pace Performance & Pace Formance Low Socks

£9.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price

The Pace Performance combines three of the highest performing yarns into one sock, resulting in one of the best performance socks on the market.
The polycolon wicks moisture away from the sock where it evaporates, leaving the inner layer dry and comfortable.
The dri-release pushes water and perspiration out of the sock faster than any other performance yarn. This property is woven into the yarn rather than added as a treatment afterwards, therefore it doesn't become washed out.
Siltex is a special yarn which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould, keeping your feet hygienic during sport, whilst reducing unpleasant odours. This antibacterial agent remains in the sock permanently even after multiple washes.

  • 40% Dri-Release
  • 40% Polycolon
  • 15% Siltex
  • 5% Elastane
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