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The Spibelt does not move, bounce or shift while running and will hold keys, energy gels, mobile phone, ipod, blackberry and many other personal items.


From humble beginnings in 2006 the Spibelt has exploded onto the fitness scene, becoming an essential item for many a runner, triathlete and other sports personnel. A smash hit in the U.S, the Spibelt makes its way across the pond to the U.K! It comes in a variety of designs and colours meaning there is a Spibelt to suit your needs! 

Sleek, expandable, secure and doesn't bounce. This is SPIbelt. Able to hold an iPod, Blackberry, mobile phone, keys, 5 Gu gels or other small personal items. The SPIbelt does not bounce, move or shift during running or other physical activities, making it perfect for those who need to carry their essentials on them at all times 

The Spibelt Basic comes in a large variety of colours. 

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