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Zero DC Hobby Harness - Easy Peasy

Zero DC Hobby Harness - Easy Peasy


EASY PEASY HARNESS -  the Hobby is a completely new type of harness, where the neck and chest are adjustable. The harness is lined with a fine ribbon, which gives the product a luxurious look, but is very gentle on dog fur and skin. The dog does not rub anywhere. The advantage is simple dressing.

This is an ideal harness for everyday walking and for mantrailing and although can be used for canicross I personally would not suggest that it is as ideal as the Zero DC Short




SIZE Neck ChestBack Length (cm)
Mini I 19-29 cm29-43 cm20-26 cm
Mini II 22-29 cm34-45 cm25-33 cm
SX 28-54 cm32-65 cm30-38 cm
S 46-67 cm55-70 cm35-43 cm
M 49-67 cm60-85 cm43-50 cm
L 55-78 cm70-90 cm50-55 cm
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